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Guest conferences organised by the CRAC team

Literature is readily available on the subjects of representation and knowledge acquisition. These themes have been expanded recently and have led to interdisciplinary collaborations especially in the design of digital learning environments and in the development of the uses of new technologies, but also in other areas. Understanding what our representations are made of and how we acquire and organise knowledge are topics reflected in many areas of psychology such as perception, reasoning, and problem solving, as well as areas of other disciplines.

It is therefore not surprising that this research topic is one of the most productive in a variety of disciplines including cognitive psychology, the computer sciences, and artificial intelligence, providing bountiful opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration.

The aim of this seminar is to offer researchers as well as our students a space for reflection and exchanging ideas though various quality presentations on our topics of interest. This seminar, like many other scientific platforms, presents recent and original research that we have deemed important to retain as well as to be made available to researchers and students by diffusing them via the internet.

This seminar is free and open to the interested public. If you would like to attend a conference:

Université de Paris 8, 2 rue de la liberté, 93526 Saint-Denis Cedex (Map)

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