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Conferences 2004 - N. Herry & al

PROSODIA, computer assisted teaching and learning of English prosody

Speakers: Nadine Herry, Yukihiro Nishinuma, & Alain Ghio
Université Paris 8
CNRS UMR 6057 Laboratoire Parole et Langage, Aix-en-Provence, France

Date: 26 April 2004

Summary: We present Prosodia, a computer-assisted learning program for English prosody. This didactic program uses phonetic treatment motor, a database of model-phrases, and a pedagogical method. The motor models the intonation curve, audio-visual modifications of that curve, as well as evaluation of the learner's realisation. The software was tested in 2 groups: a software users group and a control group. ANOVA results on the exam grades show that 3 out of 6 factors are statistically significant, but the superiority of the experimental group was not significant. On the other hand, the CRUISE analysis of the acoustic data reveals the importance of the rhythmic factor.

Key words: intonation, prosody, English, Second Language, acquisition, didactic tool, evaluation

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