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Conferences 2004 - C.A. Tijus & S. Poitrenaud

The electronic bookbag: a conceptual user's guide and teacher's aide

Speakers: Charles Tijus et Sébastien Poitrenaud
Laboratoire Cognition et Usages, Université Paris 8

Date: 23 February 2004

Methods from cognitive psychology and Artificial Intelligence have been used when creating a guided conceptual task to analyse how both students and teachers conceive of their phsyical bookbag, how manual editors structure the contents, and how school tasks are carried out. This requires us to use our knowledge of object properties and categorisation (Cordier & Tijus, 2001, Tijus & Cordier, 2003), the description of procedures (Poitrenaud, 1995), as well as description and access modes for databases used in teaching (Marsala & Bouchon, 2003). We show how this guided conceptual process provides help with the language of orders (orders, functions, and procedures) and modes of content representation: ontologies for types of objects organised by tasks. This allows us to study notions of "transparence" vs. "presence" of digital interfaces as well as complementary notions of "presence-absence" (embodiement) of the user in the virtual environment of the interface according to a lesser or greater feeling of engagement with the symbolic external representations involved.

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