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Conferences 2005 - J.F Lambert

Neuropsychological and psycholinguistic aspects of e-learning

Speaker: J.F Lambert
IED/Paris 8

Date: 24 March 2005

The learner in an "e-learning" setting is not only an abstract entity, a disincarnated cognitive agent, but a concrete subject, socially situated, whose mental processes are subject to a certain number of neuro-psycho-physiological restrictions.
We will mainly address the issue of communication in the context of "e-learning" (type of "contract", "implicit sharing" between different actors who are more or less virtual), and the incidence of the functional specificity of each cerebral hemisphere on the treatment of visual and auditory information (verbal and non-verbal), along with dealing with emotions and implicit conscience.
The goal is to call attention to different types of restrictions that affect the attitudes and capabilities of the learner, independent of the applications that taking care of such restrictions could lead us to develop.

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