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Conferences 2006 - E. Clément

Different expressions of cognitive flexibility in problem solving

Speaker : Evelyne Clément (Université de Rouen)

Date : 11 May 2006


After reviewing the links between flexibility, rigidity, and perseverance, I will present an approach for cognitive flexibility in the realm of problem solving that takes into account the different forms of flexibility and the channels of perseverance brought in from the neuropsychology literature. We will see that it is possible to identify in well-chosen problem solving situations both the reactive and spontaneous forms of flexibility as we as the expression of perseverance behaviour. This approach will be illustrated by the analysis of subjects' behaviours when asked to solve the famous Luchins jar problems. In this context, spontaneous flexibility is expressed by the capacity to spontaneously adopt different points of view on the same situation. Reactive flexibility is expressed in roadblock situations and can be seen in a simple change of procedure or in the elaboration of a new representation of the situation. We will discuss how this approach allows withing the same conceptual framework both the fixation phenomena described by gestaltists and perseverance channels from recent work in neuropsychology.

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This work will be published in an article that you may consult by clicking on the link below:

Clément E. (2006) Approche de la flexibilité cognitive dans la problématique de la résolution de problèmes, l'année psychologique (à paraître).

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Last update : 01/10/2007 @ 20:32
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