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Conferences 2008 - S. Samartzi

The cognitive development of notions "duration" and "age": the cases of single and of double referent

Speaker :  Stavroula Samartzi (University Panteion of Athens)
Date :
14 february 2008

Abstract: The “duration” and “age” concepts are two particular aspects of the global and complex notion of time. In this research, it is adopted a comparative approach of study concerning the cognitive development of these aspects, that is, the priority or simultaneity of their acquisitions. Problems concerning the past and future were presented to 146 children 6 to 9 years of age; the problems were of identical structure but different in terms of content (duration or age) as well as, in terms of the referent (single or double) presented in the information. Participants, which formed three age groups, had to answer the questions and justify their answers. The analysis of performances and justifications used by children shows that a) in the case of a single referent, the acquisition of the “age” concept precedes the acquisition of the “duration” concept. A tendency of young children to find problems about the past concerning the “age” concept easier, was also observed and b) in the case of a double referent, the “age” concept seems to be easier when information concerns the future but not when it concerns the past. The differences intra-category (single vs. double referent) due to the content, not to the structure of the problems, show that the representations of lived time created by the concept of “age” differ concerning a) the referent of the comparison (you vs. another person) and b) the past or the future perspective.

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Creation date : 24/01/2008 @ 09:49
Last update : 04/04/2008 @ 13:03
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