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Conferences 2008 - J.B. Van der Henst

Analogical representations in relational reasoning

: Jean-Baptiste Van der Henst (CNRS)
Date : 17 Janvier 2008

Abstract :
If you know that Nicolas is sitting to the left of Angela and that George is sitting to the right of Angela, you will probably infer that Nicolas is sitting to the left of George. According to certain psychological approaches to human reasoning, people make this inference by constructing an analogical representation that removes the linguistic features of the premises. In the given example, the analogical representation is the following:

Nicolas            Angela             George

This representational claim is not uncontroversial and the talk aims to address it.  In the first two (of three) studies, I will present evidence confirming the existence of such representations in a manner that is more direct than what is usually provided by the psychological literature. The first study shows how these representations influence motor performance and the second study shows how reading habits (reading from left to right in French or from right to left in Arabic) affect such representations. The third study shows how pragmatic factors and cognitive economy determine the construction process of analogical representations.

Click here to view the presentation. (in french)

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Creation date : 07/01/2008 @ 00:27
Last update : 03/03/2008 @ 16:01
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