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Christelle Bosc-Miné



Christelle Bosc-Miné

Ecrire à Christelle Bosc-Miné

Professor, Teacher's University (IUFM) of Amiens

Key words:

Hypothetical-deductive reasoning - Modelling - Content effects - Role of feedback - Problem solving with sequential information - CAL -

Research Interests:

Professor Bosc-Miné's research concerns hypothetical-deductive reasoning and the modelling of problem solving strategies by identifying rules of action and rules of inference.
Studying variations of content in isomorphic problems with sequential information aims to show that relying on "concrete" examples only makes sense if the semantics of the situation activate certain relevant inferences.
The role of categorisation is studied through the role of feedback in problems with sequential information while considering its relationship with the representation of the situation. It is also studied in comprehension mechanisms for categorical syllogisms and in the acquisition and use of knowedge through a project of learning by the acquisition of conceptual relationships in statistics for psychologists using pedagogical aids within the IED.

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Sander, E., Meunier, J.M., & Bosc-Miné, C. (2004). Approche ontologique et navigation dans un E.I.A.H. Le cas de l’enseignement des statistiques. Revue STICEF, 11.
Bosc-Miné, C., & Sander, E. (2007). Effets du contenu sur la mise en œuvre de l’inférence de complément. L’Année Psychologique, 107(3), 61-89.
Sander, E., & Bosc-Miné, C. (2007). Le développement du raisonnement et de la résolution de problèmes. In A. Blaye, & P. Lemaire (Eds.), Psychologie du développement cognitif de l’enfant (pp. 223-252). Bruxelles, DeBoek.


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