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Welcome to le site de l'équipe Compréhension, Raisonnement et Acquisition de Connaissances

On this website you will find information concerning the different members and activities of the Paragraphe Laboratory research team: "Compréhension, Raisonnement et Acquisition de Connaissances" (Comprehension, Reasoning and Knowledge Acquisition).

You will also find our guest conference programme, and most of the conferences are archived on this site as accessible online videos. These conferences take place at the Université de Paris 8 and are open to all who are interested by the topics. If you would like to receive the programme of our upcoming conferences as well as updates on our scientific activities, please sign up for our newsletter.



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Séminaires à venir - by Jean 11/12/2012 @ 13:16

Programme des conférences 2012-2013 à venir:

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