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Squire, S., & Bryant, P. (2003). Children's understanding and misunderstanding of the inverse relation in division. British Journal of Developmental Psychology, 21(4), p. p507–526.
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Descripteurs: Childhood Development, CHILDREN, COMPREHENSION, inverse relationship, Mathematical Ability, mathematical division, understanding
Auteurs: Bryant, Squire
Collection: British Journal of Developmental Psychology

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Two studies are presented on 5-8 year olds' understanding of the inverse relation between divisor and quotient in division problems. The problems concerned sharing carrots between rabbits invited to two parties, with the same total number of carrots allocated to each party. Children had to reason that the greater the number of rabbits invited to each party, the less food each would receive. Possible effects of the size contrast between the two different divisors (large vs. small), the representation that children were given (full-pictures vs. numbers) and the response mode (verbal vs. matching task) were investigated. The results of both studies demonstrated that most children tended to be consistently correct or incorrect, regardless of the variations in the tasks. A substantial proportion of 5-year-olds had great difficulty in understanding the inverse relation between the divisor and quotient and may even have had a misconception about it. There was developmental improvement in this understanding by 7-8 years. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2007 APA, all rights reserved)(from the journal abstract)
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