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Conferences 2005 - J.M. Meunier & al

Learning statistics by navigating a network of knowledge

Speakers: Jean-Marc Meunier, Emmanuel Sander, Christelle Bosc-Miné (Université de Paris 8)
Laboratoire "Cognition et Usages", Université de Paris 8

Date: 6 January 2005

One of the possible developments in e-learning is to propose types of knowledge acquisition that use some of the linear restrictions that generally guide learning. One such Computer Learning Environment is currently being developed for distance-learning psychology statistics courses at the Université Paris 8. It will be presented after showing an approach that aims to improve knowledge acquisition by explaining the cognitive organisation that is needed, specifically class inclusion relationships between concepts which are fundamental to learning.

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Further reading:

Emmanuel SANDER, Jean-Marc MEUNIER, Christelle BOSC-MINÉ, Approche ontologique et navigation dans un E.I.A.H Le cas de l’enseignement des statistiques, Revue STICEF, Volume 11, 2004, ISSN : 1764-7223, mis en ligne le 30/12/2004,

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