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Conferences 2006 - S. Bruno

Reasoning by analogy in the physical sciences

Speaker: Sandra Bruno, South Eastern European University, République de Macédoine


This presentation will show a pluralist conception of reasoning by analogy. From a simply analytic point of view, it is easy to distinguish between types of analogies that may be more or less complex, from the basic proportion to isomorphic transformation networks. The analysis can also distinguish logical differences that can be applied to analogies: deductive logic, inductive logic, or abstraction. I will then introduce sevearl cases of reasoning by analogy in the physical sciences along with a micro-genetic interpretation of the connections and separations in those processes. The implication of other aspects of thought and their relationships with analogical reasoning will be analysed from both an empirical and theoretical point of view. We will see how analogies reveal subjects' conceptualisations; by their role of external representations they are a reflection of the subject and the subject's knowledge and therefore of the progression of reasoning. We will examine the creative aspect of analogical reasoning, when it is combined with capacities for mental imagery expressed in metaphores: what relationships maintain analogies and metaphores on the axis of abstract dimentions and concrete thought dimensions?

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