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Khider Hakem

Khider Hakem

Ecrire à Khider Hakem

Phd candidate (Director: E. Sander, Advisor: J.M. Labat)

Key words:

CAL, cognitive diagnostics, learning models, mathematical learning, isomorphic problems

Research themes:

Dissertation title: Learning basic math: diagnostics to remediation

Arithmetical problem solving is the essence of arithmetical conceptualisation, a necessary stage in elementary school learning.

The goal of our research is to show the cognitive mechanisms involved in solving isomorphic arithmetic problems. More specifically, we aim to show that the semantic dimensions that depend on the nature of the variables, independent of any schema of a particular problem, intervene in the interpretation of the problem and influence the learning and transfer between problems.
To do this, we built a computer learning tool called DIANE that has two goals: 1) a passage environment, controlled by the researcher or instructor according to the specific research or teaching goals and diagnosis allowing a detailed analysis of strategies and errors; 2) to elaborate cognitive profiles that will situate learning capabilities and to make suggestions for improving the learners methods depending on their specific diagnostic.

DIANE will provide support for targeted experimentation that automatically tests hypotheses on cognitive mechanisms used in arithmetic problem solving. It will replace the need for manual coding which is long and complicated and requires extensive training.

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Hakem K, Sander E, Labat J-M, J-F Richard "DIANE, a diagnosis system for arithmetical problem solving", AIED 2005, 18-22 July 2005, Amsterdam (Pays-Bas), IOS Press, p 258-265. ISBN 1-58603-530-4

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