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Laurence Dupuch


Laurence Dupuch

Ecrire à Laurence Dupuch

School psychologist – PhD Candidate (Director: E. Sander)

Key words:

Learning in school – categorisation – semantic networks – relationship inclusion in the classroom setting

Research interests:

Dissertation title : The role of explanations and the structurisation of knowledge in learning: the benefits of semantic networks based on relationship inclusion in the classroom setting

This research looks at school learning and more specifically elementary school teaching methods. The goal is to explore the possibility of a systematic explicitation of knowledges in one area, in the form of  semantic networks organised by relationship inclusion in the classroom. Many studies have shown the importance of the structuration of knowledge in long-term memory and as inference support. Different networks of classroom inclusion for learning about quadrilaterals and grammatical determinants were mesured with 5th grade students, learning sessions using similar networks are designed for 3rd grade students in order to evaluate the benefits of such tools on the conceptualisation of a new area, verb conjugation.

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Dupuch, L., & Sander, E.(sous presse). Apport pour les apprentissages de l'explicitation des relations d'inclusion de classes. L’Année Psychologique

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Last update : 03/11/2009 @ 19:34
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